Hello, Friend. Welcome to the Antiquarian

Antique emerald and yellow gold ring

Hello, new friend. Welcome to the Antiquarian.

What is the Antiquarian? 

The Antiquarian is a custom jewelry brand that reveres the past, but stands in it’s own modernity. We’re obsessed with creating new heirlooms that you’ll want to pass down to the next generation, but we also preserve antique jewelry for the future. Most of all, at The Antiquarian, we live our own history, and want to help you make a little of your own.

Why the Antiquarian? 

My entire life I’ve been fascinated by humans. How we interact, what we value, and even how we came to exist. It makes sense that I became an archaeologist. During my studies, a pattern emerged: Species come into being, evolve, and die out. On an individual level, each of us makes a similar journey. We’re born, grow, and move on. If we’re lucky, we transfer a bit of our beliefs, sentiment, and memory onto a future generation.

Jewelry follows a similar path. It’s created, evolves, and sometimes, moves onward to the next generation. And like our own journey, it has the ability to touch the lives of many. Moving from being an anthropologist to a jeweler was a natural fit. Instead of simply studying or preserving anonymous human artifacts, I can help you preserve your own history for the next generation. It’s what drives me, and I can’t wait to help create a bit of history with you.

Please take a look around my jewelry site, and let me know how I can help you create a bit of history.