Bespoke & Custom Made Jewelry

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Custom Engagement Ring & Custom Jewelry Design

Whether you’re looking for a custom engagement ring or trying to repurpose a family antique as a gift, we can help. The Antiquarian preserves history for future generations. We make new jewelry, but we’re kind of history nerds at heart. As a company founded by a former archaeologist, we take pride in restoring antiques to their former glory, or giving new life to an item that is no longer considered fashionable.

We are so honored to win the Charlotte Magazine Editors Choice Award for Best Custom Jeweler in Charlotte for 2023!

Custom Jewelry Design Process

General custom work starts at $1,000 and engagement rings start at $2,000, with our average custom piece priced around $3,500. We pride ourselves on working in many different price points, so if you’re interested in working with us fill out the contact form and we can get you an estimate. If your project sounds like a good fit for both of us, we’ll reach back out to you and schedule a consultation.

If you have any questions or you’re just interested in learning about the custom design process, head on over to the custom design page to learn how every step of the process works.

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About the Antiquarian

In a world of fast fashion and ever-changing trends, The Antiquarian is a brand that looks to the foundations of history to inspire innovation, capture curiosity, and build jewels that are as timeless as they are of the moment. Fine jewelry that is both refined and accessible, The Antiquarian utilizes precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum to form a collection of both restored antique jewelry and modern fine jewelry that pushes the boundaries of modernity and antiquity.

Lindsay Parker

Founder, Designer

A degree-holding Archaeologist, Lindsay Parker has always been fascinated with how we incorporate objects into our everyday lives. Spending summers digging up pieces of history, she became enthralled by the items we choose to surround ourselves with, focusing on personal adornment and the pieces we choose to pass down. After a stint in corporate America, learning about product design, she spent four years apprenticing under a master jeweler, focusing on the design and construction of fine jewelry. From this foundry, The Antiquarian was born.

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