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Cute Pear Opal Ring

Delicate Opal and Diamond Stacking Rings

April 25, 2018

Sometimes a girl just wants to have a little fun. When my client came to me she had some eighties-fantastic opal earrings, a gleam in her eye, and one goal. She wanted to dust the eighties off of those opals. I wish I had a before picture of those...

Pearl earrings for Mother's Day

White Gold Pearl Earrings with Rubies and Zircons

April 25, 2018

Mother’s rings are a popular way of showing your appreciation for mom. But what if your mother doesn’t wear rings? That was my client’s problem, and I was happy to help her solve it. Together we came up with the idea of creating pearl earrings, instead of  the traditional...

Sapphire and Pearl Victorian Inspired Ring

Sapphire and Pearl Victorian Inspired Ring

April 18, 2018

White Gold Modern Cluster Necklace

White Gold and Mixed Gem Bubble Necklace

April 2, 2018

This white gold and mixed gem bubble necklace, was commissioned for a client’s mother. Her mother was turning 60, and she wanted to create a special piece to commemorate the family she had created. This is such a lovely way to show how much someone has contributed to their...

Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring

White Gold Three Stone Ring

April 1, 2018

Woven Wedding Band

Woven Yellow Gold Wedding Band

October 10, 2016

This woven yellow gold wedding band was a joy to make. After creating a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for this couple, they commissioned me to create their wedding set. They were looking for something with a similar look and feel, but didn’t want the set to be “matchy-matchy.” Her engagement...

18k Yellow Gold and Diamond Wedding Band

Yellow Diamond Wedding Band in 18k Gold

October 9, 2016

With so many colors of diamonds to choose from, sometimes yellow diamonds are  forgotten. This yellow diamond wedding band, however, is a perfect example of how choosing them can set you apart. Daring, yet wearable, these stones make an independent statement, rather than blending in with the rest of...