Asscher Cut Diamond and Yellow Gold Necklace

Asscher Cut Diamond Yellow Gold Necklace

After 30 years of marriage, sometimes you need a gift that’s a little extra special. This piece was commissioned by one of my clients for his wife. Because their 30th wedding anniversary was coming up, he wanted to make a piece of jewelry that took her breath away. He gave me a budget and told me he wanted a necklace, but beyond that I had full liberty to make whatever I wanted. This was going to be an exciting project. After much thought, I turned to the idea of a compass.

This woman was the matriarch of my client’s family. She provided her family with direction, and was their true north.

I loved creating a delicate, yet extremely wearable necklace reminiscent of a sailor’s compass. With four baguette diamonds in the north, south, east, and west position, as well as a large asscher cut diamond acting as the compass’ center, the necklace will always remind her that she is their direction home.