Yellow Diamond Wedding Band in 18k Gold

18k Yellow Gold and Diamond Wedding Band

With so many colors of diamonds to choose from, sometimes yellow diamonds are  forgotten. This yellow diamond wedding band, however, is a perfect example of how choosing them can set you apart. Daring, yet wearable, these stones make an independent statement, rather than blending in with the rest of the jewelry crowd.

This ring was created to go with an engagement ring I had previously made. For her engagement ring, we focused on creating a completely one-of-a-kind ring that focused on shape and movement. That ring had curves and bends and negative space. So for her wedding band, we wanted to create something that would complement it, but not match completely.

We decided to focus on negative space and sparkle to create interest for the eye.

While she didn’t want something that would upstage her engagement ring, she wanted the ring to be intriguing. Therefore we focused on creating a bit of movement with her sparkle. Instead of an eternity band, where stones are completely side by side, we spread the stones out. This created negative space, and therefore interest and movement for the eye to focus on. Additionally, we used two different sized yellow diamonds to add even more depth to the design. When it was finished, it was the perfect match for her unique engagement ring.