White Gold and Mixed Gem Bubble Necklace

White Gold Modern Cluster Necklace

This white gold and mixed gem bubble necklace, was commissioned for a client’s mother. Her mother was turning 60, and she wanted to create a special piece to commemorate the family she had created. This is such a lovely way to show how much someone has contributed to their family. I couldn’t wait to help. But, mother’s jewelry can be tricky. On one hand, you want to build something that accurately represents the family. On the other hand, you don’t get to choose your birthstone. Sometimes when you put two stones next to one another the effect is less than cohesive.  With this necklace, we got lucky. The gemstones could have screamed Christmas. With garnet, ruby, peridot, and opal, it was a mix of red, green, and white.

However, when we placed the mother’s birthstone, sapphire, in the middle, the necklace became balanced and bold.

It came together, much to my delight. In designing this necklace, I wanted to ensure that it felt organic and homegrown, but kept its sense of hierarchy. After all, it is representing a family tree. The largest stone was the mother’s, centrally located. The next largest, her three children. And the smallest stones are the grandchildren of the family. Set in 14k white gold bezels, the necklace is clean, modern, and deeply sentimental. It was a perfect present for her 60th birthday. I loved it so much that I nicknamed it the bubble necklace, because it floated around the neck, and floated my heart with joy.