Amethyst and Spessartite Garnet Edwardian Ring


Metal: 14k rose gold shank, silver prongs

Stones: 1, 7 mm round amethyst; 2, 3 mm round spessartite garnets

Size: 6

Era: Edwardian

Condition: Good. The rose gold and silver setting is in very good condition.  The silver shows normal signs of patina. The rose gold is sturdy and in excellent shape. The stones, however, are not original to the ring. This ring was re-set at some point, therefore the prongs do not fit perfectly with the new stones. The amethyst, because it is not original to the ring, sits low and can be felt when putting the ring on.

This one-of-a-kind Edwardian ring will likely never be seen again. A rose gold and silver setting houses a 7 mm amethyst and two spessartite garnets. Unique, and wholly interesting, this odd color combination is as quirky as it is wearable. With the deep jewel tones of the stones set in the moody patinaed silver, this ring is eye catching — and a little bit rebellious.

Wear it With:
Heavy eyeliner and NOFX t-shirt.

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