White Gold Pearl Earrings with Rubies and Zircons

Pearl earrings for Mother's Day

Mother’s rings are a popular way of showing your appreciation for mom. But what if your mother doesn’t wear rings? That was my client’s problem, and I was happy to help her solve it. Together we came up with the idea of creating pearl earrings, instead of ┬áthe traditional mother’s ring.

These adorable white gold and pearl earrings are designed with some of her mother’s favorite things in mind.

The earrings have the mother’s favorite flower, the lotus, holding in the center pearl. They are made of white gold, her favorite metal. And combines the birthstones of her three children: ruby, for July; zircon, for December, and pearl, for her June baby. Additionally, we re-purposed some family gold to cast them, making this an extra-special set.

She said later that the earrings were a huge hit, and became her mother’s daily go-to pair. I think they are adorable, and love the fact that we could make something her mother would treasure.