Custom Engagement Ring & Custom Jewelry Design

Custom work starts at $1,000 and engagement rings start at $2,000, with our average custom piece priced around $3,500. We pride ourselves on working in many different price points, so if you’re interested in working with us, fill out the contact form and we can get you an estimate.

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How Do I Make A Custom Piece?

1. Ideas

Do you want a ring or a necklace? Earrings or a pendant? We encourage clients to bring pictures, Pinterest boards, or sketches that inspire them and illustrate their aesthetic.

Still not sure? No worries! Think about what kind of budget you have for the project and together we can come up with some ideas that fit within it!

2. Consultation

During consultations we collaborate with you to come up with an initial design direction and budget for your project. You can have as much or as little input as you desire. Additionally, I’ll inspect any jewelry you brought to repurpose into the piece. Consultations can be done in person at our shop or via email/phone for our long-distance customers.

3. Deposit

During the consultation we’ll give you a price estimate, based on our initial design direction. To begin building the design, we require a 50% deposit at the end of the consultation phase.

4. Design, Changes, and Prototype

After the deposit, we’ll design your piece and give you a 3D prototype. At that point you can request any needed changes or alterations. We will never move forward with casting until you love the piece and give your final approval.

*Major changes that result in a completely different design may require an adjustment of the deposit.

5. Casting and Finishing

After you love your piece and approve your prototype, we cast and finish your piece, set the stones, engrave and fabricate the final product as needed.

Ready to get started?

Head over to our contact form and give us some details about your project. If the project sounds like a good fit, we’ll reach back out to you to schedule a consultation.

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