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In a world of fast fashion and ever-changing trends, The Antiquarian is a brand that looks to the foundations of history to inspire innovation, capture curiosity, and build jewels that are as timeless as they are of the moment. Fine jewelry that is both refined and accessible, The Antiquarian utilizes precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum to form a collection of both restored antique jewelry and modern fine jewelry that pushes the boundaries of modernity and antiquity.

Lindsay Parker


A degree-holding Archaeologist, Lindsay Parker has always been fascinated with how we incorporate objects into our everyday lives. Spending summers digging up pieces of history, she became enthralled by the items we choose to surround ourselves with, focusing on personal adornment and the pieces we choose to pass down. After a stint in corporate america, learning about product design, she spent four years apprenticing under a master jeweler, focusing on the design and construction of fine jewelry. From this foundry, The Antiquarian was born.


Victoria Magazine

victoria magazine
Lindsay Parker grew up on the east coast of Florida, just a stone’s throw from the Kennedy Space Center. Like most children in her area, she spent weekends at the beach, but while others were scanning the sky for space shuttles, she was always looking down, searching for bits and pieces washed ashore by the tide. Read More

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Good Day Charlotte

Small Business Wednesday: Antiquarian

Good Day Charlotte’s Page Fehling talks with Lindsay Parker, a jewelry designer and owner of Antiquarian.